FireClan RPEdit

FireClan RP is a roleplay clan. If you want to join, leave a message on the talk page saying the description of your cat, rank, gender, and name of cat.


Deputy: Maplefire - beautiful tortoiseshell she cat, ice blue eyes, and a badly torn ear - Played by Maplefire

Medicine Cat: Stonewing - blue gray lynx pointed tom, black tipped tail, with scars near his tail and face - Played by Puffle55


Warriors: Ivyblaze - tortoiseshell she cat with a white belly, paws, chest, muzzle, and tail tip, a scarred muzzle, and ivy green eyes - Played by Stoneclaw




Role PlayEdit

Ivyblaze glanced at her sister; Maplefire, they were out hunting. "Come on, Maplefire." grumbled Ivyblaze.

Maplefire looked up from the flower she was admiring. She bounded down the trail to catch up with her sister.

"Aren't we hunting?" mumbled Ivyblaze. Well, it is a pretty flower.

"I was just looking at it!" Maplefire protested. "But you're right. We're wasting time. Are you picking up any scent trails?"

Suddenly, Ivyblaze narrowed her eyes. "Not what we're looking for, I smell rogue scent, two cats, we can fight them off." Ivyblaze whispered.

Maplefire unsheathed her claws. "Rogues! What are they doing in our territory?" She snarled.

"We're Warriors! We can defeat them!" yowled Ivyblaze.

Maplefire put her nose to the ground. "This way!" She bounded off.

Ivyblaze followed her sister, until they found the rogues.

There were two of them. The first one was a black tom, the second one was a white she cat with black spots.

"What are you doing in our territory?!" Maplefire snarled.

"Your territory? Who says this is your territory?" The spotted she-cat said. "I believe this is my territory now."

"In your dreams, you mange-ridden excuses for cats!" Maplefire yowled.

We are Warriors! Don't expect mercy from us!" snarled Ivyblaze.

The black tom leaped on Ivyblaze, and the two started fighting.

Maplefire leaped on the black-and white she-cat and tore one of her ears. The she-cat yowled in pain and ran off.

Ivyblaze bit the black tom's tail hard, and he yowled in pain. The tom raced after the she cat.

"That was easy." said Maplefire. She purred.

"That black tom didn't even scratch me!" meowed Ivyblaze.

Maplefire darted behind a bush, and came back out holding a fat, juicy vole. "No use going back to camp empty-pawed!" she said.

"Nice catch!" mewed Ivyblaze.

"Thanks!" said Maplefire. She dropped her prey at her paws. "We should probably warn our Clan about the rouges in our territory." She meowed. "But," she added, "I don't think they'll be back in a hurry!"

Ivyblaze smiled. "No they won't."

Maplefire purred. "Let's get back to camp." she mewed. She picked up her vole and bounded down the trail toward the FireClan camp.