FireClan is below all of the other Clan territories. Most of the land is covered in a field of lava rocks, with grass and the occasional tree in the middle. At the far left of FireClan territory, there is a small patch of woods, where the FireClan camp is. In the middle of camp there is a large lava rock leaning against another one. Underneath is the leader's den and the leader sits on top of both rocks to make announcements. All kits and apprentices must be trained to avoid rattle snakes! Many years akisdumbgo, the powerful Fireclan roamed the forest. They were the most powerful of all the clans, and therefore everyone was jealous of them. All the clans knew that none of them would ever be more powerful than Fireclan, so they all divised a plot to drive them out of the forest forever. Broken, defeated, and a shadow of their former selves, they finally found the perfect place for them to live. A giant volcano far from the other clans. They are alone, there are no other clans to protect them and they've turned their back on Starclan and the ways of the clans. This is the time for truth, this is the time for justice, this is the time for Fireclan to reclaim its former glory.

The Clan River runs along 1/2 of the Clan's borders, and into the other territories.

The FireClan diet includes...Few birds,

Very rare rabbits

Plentiful mouse and vole

Plentiful Lizards

The FireClan enemies include...

Rare Twolegs

Lots of snakes

A few badgers

Rare foxes

Other cats