Moonclan RPEdit

Moonclan RP is a role play clan. If you want to join, leave a message on the talk page if you want to join saying name, rank, gender, and description of your cat.

Leader: Yellowstar - Yellow tom with green eyes - Played by Brackenfur66

Deputy: Petalfall - gray and blue gray patched she cat with one blue eye and one green eye (Apprentice - Sleekpaw) - Played by Fallowpounce

Medicine cat: Dappleshine - pure white she cat dappled with gray, and blue eyes - Played by Featherpelt

510411main apollo8moon lg


Mistycloud - pale gray she cat with blue eyes - Played by Ripplewave

Grassstripe - green she cat with amber eyes - Played by Brightheart345

Stonebreath - long furred, gray tabby tom with brown eyes


Sleekpaw - very sleek furred, white tom with blue eyes - Played by Stoneclaw


Liondapple - golden she cat with brown flecks. - Played by Maplefire


Role PlayEdit

Sleekpaw waited for his mentor, they were going battle training!