The rules of this wiki are simple.

  • No harassing other users
  • No vandalism
  • Don't be a troll
  • No useless pages and photos that aren't warriors

Those are just some simple notes, to stand out. Never, make a useless page. That's spam to the wiki. Same with photos. You are only allowed to have 1 personal photo. Blogs are not made for chatter, they are for discussion. You have the chat on this wiki for chatter. Keep in mind that all useless pages and photos will be deleted. Please don't post fanfiction on your user page. We have the category Fanfiction, for that. Also, don't make any role play clans on your user page, or anywhere else. There is already enough role play clans.

The blanks on this wiki are only for this wiki, and don't use an exact copy of art from another user who already made it. This wiki is only for Warriors, not anything else. Do not harass any users, or vandalize any pages. You are not allowed to edit another's user page without the user's permission.

Keep in mind that if you don't follow the rules, you will be given at least one warning, if you don't listen you will be banned.