This is a clan with fake characters, by Stoneclaw33

Members of StarclanEdit

Leader: Star - pale, gray, brown tabby she cat with bold, blue eyes

Deputy: Skyclaw - large, brilliant, silvery, gray tom, with dark gray tabby patches,and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Flameleaf - small, ginger she cat, with pale green eyes


Lionfur - large, golden tabby tom with thick fur, tufty fur around the neck, and bright pale, golden eyes (apprentice - Riverpaw)

Tigerheart - broad shouldered, dark brown tabby tom, with amber eyes, and a thick pelt (apprentice - Shiningpaw)

Sagepelt - pretty, slender, long legged, pale gray she cat with blue eyes

Shadowstrike - handsome, pure black tom with a sarred muzzle, and sky blue eyes

Nettleflight - dark brown tabby she cat with green eyes (apprentice - Oakpaw)

More comming soon