'Welcome to StormClan.'

Territory: We live in a dense forest on the edge of an eastern twolegplace that branches off of a main southern thunderpath. As you go deeper into the forest, you go higher, up onto a tree-covered ridge. A creak goes around this ridge and all through the forest, but we are strong swimmers. To the west of our territory is a big meadow that the forest loops around w/ dangerous radio towers. An abandoned brick building sets near the main southern thunderpath. On the other side of the main southern thunderpath is the big twolegplace. Between our territory and the small twolegplace is a small feild where there are many moles to hunt, and the deer like to graze. At some places the creak bed is dried out. Our camp is in one of those wide, steep dried out creak beds that creates a hollow.

Camp: A wide dried out creak bed/hollow protected by many brambles, and steep walls all around it. We gather around the high rock, (a huge rock) and a crack in the high rock is a cave that makes the leaders den. All of our dens are decorated with pretty feathers and stones from the creak.

Other Animals: Squirrels-prey rabbits- prey mice- prey moles- prey birds- prey


Coyotes- enemy foxes- enemy possums- enemy hawks- enemy owls- enemy raccoons- enemy badger (1)- enemy

Our territory is large, with plenty of prey