Unsheathed Claws is a Fanfiction by Maplefire

Unsheathed Claws book cover


Rain poured down from threatening dark clouds. Thunder roared. Lightning split the sky with a brilliant flash. Wind howled through the StreamClan camp.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting screech sounded above the storm. "Firetail's kits are coming!" Icefeather, the medicine cat, leaped to her paws at the sound of her aprentice, Leafberry's, cry.She bolted out of her den like a silver streak and raced into the nursery.

Firetail was crouched in the center, her ginger flanks heaving, her faced twisted in pain. "Get back, all of you!" Icefeather ordered the small crowd that had gathered. She turned to her apprentice. "Leafberry!" She screeched above the storm, "Go and fetch me a stick! Something stout, that Firetail can bite on when the pain comes!" Leafberry nodded, her green eyes wide. She turned and raced off, her pale gray paws pounding the earth.

Firetail let out a screech of pain. Icefeather hurried to her side and gave her a few poppy seeds. At that moment Leafberry returned with the stick. "Bite down on this," The brown she-cat nudged it toward Firetail with a flick of her gray ears. Firetail gingerly took the stick in her teeth.

A large black tom with large, friendly amber eyes pushed his way through to the front of the crowd and crouched by Firetail.